Director General Horus /Numa O
Numa O is from Horus Star and assigned DekaBreak. Commander of the entire Special Police Dekaranger. He led a whole fleet to Earth when the planet's DekaBase was compromised and turned against us.

Ban's former instructor who was glad to give him away to Doggie.

First appeared in episode 32, he is from the Torto star. He has history with Krueger and Swan. He trained the Dekaranger to assume Swat Mode. Then he makes a cameo in episode 36 in a spiffy tuxedo.

Gyoku Rou
Houji and Jasmine's former partner, Ban's prodecessor. He was of the Leon star. He was originally assigned as DekaRed for Earth but then he had an injury saving them. Appeared in episode 47. He was preparing to assemble the Fire Squad. His large full-red uniform is later seen on Ban in the last episode who joined the team.