Criminals stole a deadly virus that transformed anyone (specifically in MariGold's home planet Leslie) infected into living robotic slaves, in order to sell the vaccine for it at a high price, once they release it. They themselves are living robots, known collectively as "Gas Drinkers". Their names are puns on alcholic beverages. They all had both human and robotic modes.

Height: 213cm
Weight: 141kg
Leader of the Algolians, he gunned down MariGold as soon as she beame DekaGold on planet Leslie, then her license malfunctioned. Then on Earth, when she wanted to do a switch for a vaccine gun, the Dekaranger fought him and then later Vulgar injected her. He used Juu Kun Do fighting style just like Ban. Name is a pun on vodka. He piloted KillerTank. Killed by Dekaranger Robo Full Blast Custom.

Height: 228cm
Weight: 164kg
He, Winsky, and Zeen came down on a ship and fought the Dekarangers first. Name is a pun on brandy. Killed by DekaGreen.

Height: 208cm
Weight: 131kg
Name is a pun on whisky. Killed by DekaBlue.

Height: 203cm
Weight: 128kg
Name is a pun on gin. Killed by DekaYellow & Pink.

The ship the Algolians travel in and the DekarangerRobo fights in the beginning of the movie.

Vulgar escaped in a teleportation device and went back to planet Leslie. The Dekaranger followed them and they fought him as he piloted the KillerTank. The body above can rotate around the tank wheels. DekaBreak came in the BlastBuggy to help them. They then faced a bunch of Killer Tanks. They lined up in a line and were destroyed by DekaRanger Robo Full Blast Custom.