Tekkan Aira, DekaBreak
Full Name: Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira
Ranger Designation: Deka Break
Henshin Device/Weapon: BreaThrottle
Vehicle: MachineBoxer
Deka Machine: DekaBikeRobo

He recieved special training from SPD since he was young. He is a special assistant sent to battle the Three Hell's Siblings. He was born on Earth and when he was five, an alienizer accidently killed his parents when it was running from the police. Try as he must, he had troubles adjusting to working along with the team. He later figured out each teammate's good qualities. In episode 40, DekaBright, who trained him, was upset at his fellow teammate's infulence and wanted him to not be emotionally attached. By the time of 'Magiranger vs. Dekarnager,' Tetsu was partnered with Jasmine and rode in Machine Doberman with her. Tetsu disguised as a woman along with Hikaru to trick Babon into getting Jasmine and Urara back from him. In 'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai,' Eiji went to get Tetsu's help and interputed negotiating with the Polar Dragons Crime Syndicate. To play along with the criminals, Tetsu threw Eiji out a window. Ultimately, Tetsu helped the other veteran Sentai warriors fight against Chronos, Gajya and three revived villains.