Marigold Utahime Deka Gold
Full Name: Marigold "Marie" Utahime
Ranger Designation: Deka Gold
Weapons: D-Smasher 01 and D-Smasher 02
Henshin Device: Change Notebook SP License
Deka Machine: Not Available

Marie is a SPD officer from Planet Leslie and she appears in the movie. Ban meets her when he stopped by a bar, she was singing. He quickly fell for her, but he felt bad since he was an officer until she told him she was an officer as well. She is Deka Gold, but she transformed for a brief second in a flashback in the movie. She was shot by Vulgar and her SP License then malfunctioned. She was chasing the Algolians from her planet Leslie which they thrashed. She was willing to make an exchange for the serum. When the Dekaranger interupted, Vulgar in turn injected her. She later was fine. She has the ability to stop time, before she went back home she shook hands with Ban in front of everyone and then stopped time to pop him a kiss on the cheek. In Magiranger VS Dekaranger, it is suggested they are still together since Ban shows Kai a sticker of her on the back of his license.