These are the SP Arms.

(Left to Right) the first five's SP License model, Doggie Kruger's Master License, Swan's License and Mari Gold's License from the movie.

Change Notebook SP License
Used in three different ways:
  • Change Mode (performing the henshin)
  • Phone Mode (Communication)
  • Judgement Mode (to judge caught Alienizers and perform the verdict)

Every Dekaranger has a D-Whopper built into his or her belt buckle to arrest criminals.

SP Shooter
Each Dekaranger has a SP Shooter, one of the weapons they put on their regular hostlers when not in ranger mode.

D01 Magnum / D02 Magnum => Hybrid Magnum
Dekared's personal firearms. Used individually for melee fighting and minor shots, they can be combined into the mighty Hybrid Magnum which holds great firepower.

Dekablue, Dekagreen, Dekayellow and Dekapink each have a D-Knuckle.

DekaBlue's D-Rod (top) combines with his D-Knuckle (center) to make the D-Sniper (bottom).

DekaGreen's D-Rod (top) combines with his D-Knuckle (center) to make the D-Blaster (bottom).

Alternatively, DekaYellow's D-Stick (top) can combine with her D-Knuckle (center) to form the D-Shot (bottom).

DekaPink's D-Stick (top) can combine with her D-Knuckle (bottom right) to form the D-Shot (bottom left).

Murphy K-9 is a robotic dog given to the Dekaranger to help them. He has the ability to transform into the D-Bazooka when the bone key is inserted into his mouth. Dekapink took care of Murphy.

D-Sword Vega (Bega)
DekaMaster's personal weapon, the dog head can open its mouth to reveal stronger steal.

It is Tetsu/DekaBreak's henshin device and weapon that is placed
on his wrist. The handle can be folded in or taken out and twisted to perform abilities.

DekaBright's henshin device.

D-Smasher 01 / D-Smasher 02
Dekagold's weapons, Marigold was seen using them in Dekaranger: Full Blast.