Banban Akaza, DekaRed
Banban Akaza, DekaRed
Full Name: Banban "Ban" Akaza
Ranger Designation: Deka Red
Age: 22
Weapons: SP Shooter, D-Magnum 01 and D-Magnum 02, Hybrid Magnum, BazookaInu, D-Revolver
Henshin Device: Change Notebook SP License
Vehicle: Machine Doberman
Deka Machine: PatStriker, PatWing 01

A slight delinquent whose former boss, from the planet he was formerly assigned to, was more than happy to sign him over to Kruger. He gets a bit overzealous sometimes, a very hyper and rash person. In the movie, he developed a crush on Marie Gold and he apologized to her that he couldn't start anything with her because he was an officer without knowing she was also SPD. He was disappointed that she had to leave to her home planet but she gave him a token of affection. In the last episode, he joined the Fire Squad. In 'Magiranger vs. Dekaranger,' he used his new upgrade as DekaRed Battlizer against Babon without knowing nothing but magic could penetrate him. Murphy transformed into armor for Ban. Ban carried a locket of a feline-alien family to remind him of family. Ban also had a picture of Marie on his SP license and Hoji asked him if Ban "popped the question" to her.