Bat Monster
The very first monster created by Egos. Disguised as a woman with a red umbrella who was given orders by Egos to kill off high ranking police officers. Accomplished by using the red umbrella which has a hidden needle with acid that can cause a sudden heart attack when injected. She also killed off an FBI official named Bossler who spotted her before entering Tokyo International Airport. Her true form is Man Bat who is a descendant of the ancient Zapotec culture. His main weapon is a large sythe.
Episode 1

Fang Lion Monster
He is able to manipulate people's thoughts by making them believe that their wishes will come true. In this case if a person were to wish for someone to die. Then Fang Lion will grant that person's wish, by making it look like it was a suicide. Or by getting rid of the body of the target victim. His main weapon is a spear.
Episode 2

Death Mask Monster
She was ordered by Egos to hunt down the rat that has been revealing the society's secrets to Battle Fever. DeatMask accomplish this by disguising herself as a human and was also attepting to get the blue prints for Battle Fever's top secrt robot. However the blue print that Battle Japan gave was a fake. And Battle Fever manage to defeat her at a scrap yard. Her main weapons are a cutlass sword and exploding daggers.
Episode 3

Psycho- kinesis Monster
Originally a psychic name Bengal Tiger who spent his psychic training in India. He is able to telekinesis and able to take photos of spirits. He sworn alliagence to Egos and became Psychokinesis Monster. He is able to turn back into his human form to mislead people in thinking he's a normal psychic. He was given orders to use his mind reading abilities to learn about Battle fever's top secret weapon. He track down a woman who was friends with Batte Fever. Upon taking photos of her memory, Bengel Tiger successfully got photos of the blue prints of the weapon. However Battle Feve sto him at his tracks and destroyed him before he could successfully deliver the photos to Egos.
Episode 4

Buffalo Monster
His mission was to hunt down a resigned defense department official, whos' own family was abducted by Egos. In exchange of his faily's safety, he must confirm when Battle Fever's Robot is finished. Buffalo Monster was the first Egos Monster to have a giant robot version of himself. Buffalo Robot is the name of his own robot, whom Buffalo Monster refers to as his "younger brother". Buffalo Monster has a large cutlass sword and his horns can act like boomerangs.
Episode 5

Doguu Monster
Disguised as an ordinary shrine that got carried with in an airbase facility. It then revealed it self to be alive and attack the personal of the base by vaporising them. Hedder and the cutmen then took over the base to create confusion towards Battle Fever's Shark Ship. Whom they eventually discover that the base was taken over. Doguu Monster has red ey and carries around a large double edge sword.
Episode 6

Fireball Monster
He led a group of Cutmen to perform as arsonists. His idealism is that those who don't join Egos don't have the right to live. So he would assign the cutmen disguised as humasn to burn the homes of the ones who refuse to join Egos. Their plans were back fired when a boy who was recoveing fro the hospital was having visions of Ego being the ones responsble for burning civilian homes. Fireball Monster uses a three pointed sword for a weapon. Whie his robot counterpart resembles himself except it's sword can shoot out a flame.
Episode 7

Sports Monster
He was assigned by Egos to make kids focus on sports rather than their own desire goals. So that way the population of Japan will be dveloped as lazy. He wears a hockey mask and carries a hockey stick for a weapon.
Episode 8

Icicle Monster
Episode 9

Nauman Monster
Episode 10

Cobra Monster
Episode 11

Monster Roselinka
Episode 12

Egg Monster
Episode 13

Galaxy Monster
Episode 14

Snail Monster
Episode 15

Hand -to-Hand Combat Monster
Episode 16)

Blue Vein Monster
Episode 17

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