Camera Trick
A small bird-resembling video camera monster. Camera Trick flew about to audition the stars of Buldont's movie. It was the only Machine Beast left to aid in Buldont's next project.
Faucet Chuck
A faucet-themed Machine Beast, able to entend his mouth and fire water from the faucet on his belly or his mouth. Later rebuilt stronger and used again in the series.
Cat Signal
A cat-like traffic sign Machine Beast, uses an oil lantern and keychains as weapons and can fire a beam from his eye.
A Machine Beast that was a combination of a Jack O'Lantern and a witch, she uses a broom as a weapon.
Locker Knight
A shower-headed Machine Beast that rides on horseback and use his rod to fire lightning.

Steam Punk
Steam Punk said "baby" a lot and had the ability to become an actual a train. He was created when all the monsters in the movie fused together into one monster, abducting children because it was a weak monster. Once he lost his leverage, Steam Punk shrank and attempted to escape on a train track. But, Ohranger Robo sliced the track apart with Super Crown Crash, he fell to his death below.