Mashin Teikoku Baranoia (Machine Empire Baranoia)
It is actually means Paranoia, it sounmost sites on the web uses the They were a cruel race of machines out to conquer Earth.
Bakkasufundo (Bacchus-rage)
Emperor of Baranoia, He was created 600 million years ago by an ancient race. He turned to evil and was banished by King Ranger. He was killed by the Ohrangers in episode 34.
Hisuteria (Hysteria)
Wife of Bakkasufundo and Queen of the Baranoia. She remains in the fortress devising plans with her husband. She does go down on Earth by herself sometimes. In Episode 48, Hysteria commits suicide to save her grandchild, blowing herself up.
Burudonto (Buldont)
Buldont is the prince of the Baranoia and is son of Hysteria and Bacchus-rage. He is basically a child of evil. He is killed by Bomber the Great, but is rebulit as Kaiser Buldont, an older version of himself. Show up in episode #40.

Acha and Kocha
Servants who follow whoever is in command at the time. In episode 8, poor Kocha had to be operated on by the Barro Hei to add the "enlargement system". He refused to have it have it installed, stretching his neck. Acha talked to him through the process, telling him to be brave. Then Bakkasufundo had them to add something to him as well. He comically protested. The enlargement system allows Kocha to fires energy that causes mashinjuu to grow giant.
Baaro Hei (Barlo Soldiers)
Robotic Soldiers who do the dirty work for the Baranoia.
Field commander who rules Machine Beasts with whip and has a human disguise.
Bomber the Great
A walking bomb who once tried to take over Baranoia and after the death of Bacchus Wrath, sends Prince Buldont into space on a missile and is then overthrown by Kaiser Buldont and explodes when thrown into space by Gunmajin.
Kaizaa Burudonto (Kaiser Buldont)
Rebuilt form of Buldont; takes control of Bomber the Great in episode #41. He marries Multiwa and they have a child. He is killed in episode #48. After his death, the child goes to live with Acha, Kocha, and Ganmajin.
Maruchiiwa Hime (Princess Multiwa)
Hysteria's niece who first appears in episode #40; gets married to Kaiser Buldont in episode #41. Her main weapon is a bow, which can also become a sword. It is revealed that they have a son in episode #47. Multiwa is killed in episode #48 along with her husband Kaiser Buldont.
Burudonto Jr (Buldont Jr)
Lives with Acha, Kocha, and Ganmajin after the death of his parents.