King Pyramider
King Pyramider is a massive traveling Pyramid fortress belonging to the King Ranger. It can transform into either the Carrier or Battle Formation. It premieres in Episode 26.
Height: 50 m
Width: 75 m
Weight: Immeasurable
King Pyramider Carrier Formation
King Pyramider transforms into Carrier Formation with the command "King Pyramider, Carrier Formation!" It is able to carry the Red Puncher and Chouriki Mobiles. Sometimes the Blocker Robos, in place of the Chouriki Mobiles. It is first used in Episode 28.
Length: 140 m
Width: 75 m
Speed: 150 km/h
King Pyramider Battle Formation
Height: 102 m
Width: 75 m
Speed: 65 km/h
The bases of the left and right sides become the arms, the black section of the front reveal themselves as the feet, and a black pyramid that comes from the back side becomes the head, with the command "King Pyramider, Battle Formation" is given. Along with Red Puncher, it fires a finisher barrge called the Super Legend Beam. It is first used in Episode 29.