Big Bang Buster
King Smasher can combine with invididual weapons to form this. Group attacks include Battle Stick Hurricane.
Power Braces
The collected energy from the Earth creates "superpower" that is fulled in the braces. It boosts human abilities 30 to 40 times. All but Ohred receive powers in second episode.
Individual Weapons
Star Riser sword
Circle Defenser Shield
Twin Baton Nunchucks
Delta Tonfas
Square Crusher axes
Giant Roller
Redish structure dropped from Skyphoenix, launches giant tire in which OhRed rides.
Battle Sticks and King Blasters
All armed with both a Battle Stick and a King Blaster which combine into King Smashers.
This machine into which five power cells are inserted. The combined flying energy attack is called the Chouriki Dynamite Attack.
King Stick
He does the King Victory Flash technique with this.