Machine Beasts
Produced in the Dark Side of the moon by Baranoia, Mashin Ju (Machine Beasts) are the main weapons used for Earth's invasion. There would be different types of Machine Beasts, from mindless weapons of destruction to ones with superior intelligence or feelings to that of humans. Kocha made them huge.
Bara Drill
The first Machine Beast to be sent to Earth, it was destroyed single handedly by OhRed. A second Bara Drill was later built, only to be destroyed by Green Blocker.
Bara Saucer
A giant Machine Beast that could attack with tentacle arms and bind or shock anyone. Using massive amounts of teamwork with their new weapons, the Ohrangers hacked apart Bara Saucer and finished it with the newly formed Big Bang Buster. A second Bara Saucer was built, only to be destroyed by Blue Blocker.
Bara Vanish
A land mine-like Machine Beast sent to Earth in retaliation for the Ohrangers' debut. Equipped with a solar-powered sensor, Bara Vanish is able to use turn itself invisible gaining a advantage over its opponents in sunlit unlit areas. Gorou managed to save a boy who took a small crystal Vanish wanted. But once its light sensor was destroyed, Bata Vanish was killed by the Big Bang Buster.
Bara Crusher
Brought to Earth by Acha, Crusher ambushed the Ohrangers in the boiler room of a apartment buliding. Crusher bit a Police Officer, infecting the man with insect-bots that entered his bloodstream and convert the him into a new Bara Crusher. The first Bara Brusher was destoryed by the King Smashers and the second one kidnaps children to infect them. The Ohrangers face the second one and he accidently torches the building by blasting explosive containers. The Ohrangers managed to use Bara Crusher's fear of fire and heat to force it out of the officer, with the bug blasted by OhRed's King Blaster. A third Bara Crusher was built in 33, destoryed by Yellow and Pink Blockers.
Bara Catcus 1 and 2
The two Bara Catcus are brothers who care for each other. After hitting a child with needles, he started becoming a Machine Beast himself. In the battlefield, they create multiple blasts and attacks that cause mass havoc. After some discord between the brothers, Bara Cactus 1 took on the Ohrangers alone, with the well-being of his brother on the line. But when he survived, he found Bara Catcus 2 was dead. Vara Catcus 1 was soon killed by Bacchus-Wrath himself, using the two brothers as a reminder of the price of failure.
Bara Brain
A cunning Machine Beast who was sent to decieve and capture Chief Miura into revealing the location of the Ohranger Robo by kidnapping and controlling Mika, the young orphaned daughter of an old U.A.O.H comrade. After the death of his creation Bara Separate, he died himself, having been psychicly linked to Bara Separate.
Bara Seperate
A giant robot controlled by Bara Brain that defeated the OHRangers before they got the hranger Robo together. Bara Separate could radiate destructive lightning, and fire power blasts from his arms. The top segment of the star on his back could detach and transform into a boomerang of destructive energy. Separate also had the ability to transform into a large metal sphere, making it practically invulnerable to any attack. Eventually the Ohrangers managed to form Ohranger Robo and kill the monster by destroying the sphere before it could gather the rest of the body together.
Bara Missiler
Bara Missiler comes from the army on the planet Dorora. He was the first Machine Beast to be enlarged, and could fire missiles from its arms and shoulders. It could also fire chains from its torso which could ensnare an opponent. It was capable of flying at extreme speeds and could operate in outer space. He was orginally killed by Ohranger Robo and was killed again in Episode 33 by Red Blocker.
Bara Darts
A Scorpion Machine Beast who threw darts at people that making them literally rust. Juurai appeared to side with him and betray her teammates after Gorou, Shouhei and Yuuji had been hit, but only to get the antidote which only Bara Darts had. He was killed by Ohranger Robo.