Red Puncher
Height: 70 m
Weight: 6000 t
This large boxic robot launches from UAOH headquarters with the command "Red Puncher, come!" It was sealed away after an incident in which it went berserk and killed its original pilot. It is later commanded by OhRed and sometimes the other Ohrangers. Its special moves include the Power Rocket Spin, and Star Visor Blast; and its attacks include the Magna Puncher and Puncher Gatling. It premieres in Episode 20.
Buster Ohranger Robo
Height: 80 m
Weight: 14500 t
Red Puncher can combine with the Ohranger Robo, to create the Buster Ohrangerrobo, with the command "Super-Assault Gattai!" It can use its two large shoulder cannons to destroy Machine Beasts with the Big Cannon Burst. It premieres in Episode 22, where the code was stamped on Gorou's back.