Bara Gear
This Machine Beast was used by Bacchus-Rage in the bet he made with his son. Bara Gear was capable of placings cogs on any machine to take it over. He also briefly piloted Ohranger Robo after placing a gear in it.

Bara Gear later fused together with Onbu-Bake to become Onbu-Gear who was eliminated by the combined efforts of the Ohranger Robo, Red Puncher and Ohblocker with Tackle Boy.

Bara Mobile
He was the last of the Baranoians. He intended to enlist the aid of the Bowzock to establish his own empire of 'car-people.' He was originally aided by Kyousuke due to confusion between the teams, he soon kidnapped Gorou to make him the first of his 'car-people,' only to be thwarted by the Carranger and Ohranger. He was able to enlarge himself without the aid of Acha and Kocha. Bara Mobile was killed by Ohranger Robo.