Chief Councilor Miura
He is not only the team's dedicated commander, but also an anthropologist and scientist. He refuses to give up, he used his knowledge about ancient civilizations and technologies to create all the Ohrangers' arsenal and mecha, as well as their suits. He once experienced a terrible loss and blames himself for it. When a similar situation comes up (with a girl hanging from a cliff), he was determined for the same result not to happen. He once defeated a Baranoia Soldier with his bare hands after a UAOH soldier couldn't do it with a gun.
Dorin is a mystery creature in the shape of a girl from Pangaea, who was found sleeping inside King Piramider. She is an important part of the Super Force in Earth and Riki was assigned to preotect her. Was killed once by Multiwa but she was revived in the finale. She has a green pet lizard named Paku.
Ancient warrior Gunmajin is known for his honor and courage. He was imprisoned within the form of a tiny tiki. The only way to unlock his power is by inserting a corresponding key into the forehead of the tiki and reciting the magic words 'Ganma Ganma Dondoko Ganma.' The key always seem to end up in the hands of a child and the magical words were known everywhere. When awakened, Gunmajin would grant a single wish to his discoverer as long as it didn't mean harm to anyone. There were times in which he simply didn't like the wish and refused to grant it or punished his awakener for lying to him. Gunmajin possed the Majin Saber through which he focused his power into the Four styles of Majin One Sword Fencing (Fire, Lightning, Wind and Blinding Light) that sent the forces of the Baranoia running in fear. In the series finale, he took Acha, Kocha, and Buldont and Multiwa's son into his care. In Ohranger vs. Kakuranger, he is revealed to be terrified of Youkai.