Machine Beasts
Produced in the Dark Side of the moon by Baranoia, Mashin Ju (Machine Beasts) are the main weapons used for Earth's invasion. There would be different types of Machine Beasts, from mindless weapons of destruction to ones with superior intelligence or feelings to that of humans. Kocha made them huge.
Bara Hacker
Hacked information about the Ohrangers and their weapons. He was easily able to block the King Smashers, and the Big Bang Buster. It took the newly introduced Giant Roller to put him down. He was killed by Ohranger Robo.
EPISODE 11, 33
Bara Printer
She made to make people to fall in love with nearby mechanical appliances. Shouhei made one of her beams reflect off a mirror onto her and was effected by her power, making her attracted to Acha. Acha was using Bara Printer's power to cause everyone to fall in love with him. She was killed by Ohranger Robo.
Bara Baby
He could make babies scream in such a way as to make buildings and soda bottles explode. The Baranoia's goal was to make humans hate babies, thus ensuring the end of the human race. But it backfired, as mothers tried even harder to stop their babies from crying. Bara Baby was later killed by Ohranger Robo.
EPISODE 13, 33
Bara Magma
A mining robot controlled by a small mechanoid to mine and was destroyed by Ohranger Robo.
Bara Pino Killers
A trio of Pinocchio-style Machine Beasts. The third was killed by Ohranger Robo.

Bara Revenger
He was formed from Baranoia's junk yard robot pieces. Bara Revenger's biggest desire was to kill Bacchus-Wrath, and performed noble acts such as saving a dog from being run over by a car on the street. The Ohrangers were at first distrustful of the monster, but Yuuji ended up befriending him. During a comfrontation between Bacchus-Wrath and Bara Revenger, Acha forced Bara Revenger to fight the Ograngers against his will with a remote control. By his request, the Ohrangers were forced to kill him with OhBlue using Giant Roller.
EPISODE 17, 33
Bara Vacuum
He who could suck people up into his vacuum-like tube and blast them at targets like energy spheres. He was killed by Ohranger Robo.
EPISODE 18, 33
Bara Ivy
An poision ivy plant-like robot that was very intelligent. He could wrap his vines around his opponents. He was killed by Ohranger Robo.
Bara Builder
It could materialize new weapons and additions to itself in order to make itself stronger. First to be killed by Red Puncher after it crumbled the Ohranger Robo.