Zyuranger Monsters List Two
All pictures scanned from Zyuranger final book.
Dora Algos

Alternate Spelling: Argos
He made children victims hallucinate.
Dora Radun

Alternate Spelling: DoraLadoon
Since Mei's Pteraarrow is the only one that can defeat Dora Radun, then Bandora poisons her. mei manages to escape and defeat him.

Fairy Dondon

An elf named Dondon applies to be a Priprican's assistant, but is rejected by Bandora. A valley-boy Toshio befriends with Dondon, and they start playing with Dondon's magic jars, which can shrink anything to be stored inside.
Dora Knight

Bandora and Priprican create create the legendary sword of darkness, Durandol and it requires a child who becomes ten-year old on full-moon night. Shigeru realizes the consequence of what he's done, and with all his courage, he runs toward DoraKnight to stop the fight. Durandol, which giant GoraKnight has stroked down to Shigeru with its full strength, yet can go no further than inches away from this little boy's head-- even the evil sword cannot harm the one who has created it! Goushi takes Shigeru onto the cockpit of Daizyujin, and Daizyujin's God Horn finishes DoraKnight and Durandol.
Dora Endos

DoraEndos disguises as a clown and geta little boy to kick soccer balls filled with sneeze-causing virus toward people.
Dora Pixie

Anyone who has swallowed DoraPixie's magic baseball becomes blindly in love with anything in first sight. Zyurangers struggle to beat DoraPixie, as Dan, Boy, and Goushi happen to swallow his magic baseball.
Dora Tortoise

Bukkubakku and Tottobatto created him. DoraTortoise's signal-lights is causing chaos in town. Boy is among those who are showered by the light and forced to keep running. To obtain the legendary flower which can beat DoraTortoise, Boy runs for his life.
Dora Tarantula

The statue of faerie featured in park is the last work of an artist, Tsumura. Goushi remembers Tsumura, who loved the nature and his two children. But Bandora secretly switches the statue with hers which DoraTarantula hides. Goushi fights him with Gouryuujin.
Dora Bugaranan

Alternate Spelling: DoraBoogaranan
Dan and Mei eat the shaved ice with Tottpatto's magic potion and as a result, turn into punk. While Dora Bugaranan eats most of the Zyuranger, Barza strived to obtain the healing herb, Mandragora.
Dora Guzzler

As DoraGuzzler's lethal flowers start to assault people, Mei decides to follow the legend of princess Yui, who sacrificed her life to save the people of Lycia tribe.

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