Burai, Dragon Ranger
Full Name: Burai
Ranger Designation: Dragon Ranger
Henshin Device: DinoBuckler
Weapons/Gear: Zyusoken, Dragon Sheild
Shogozyu: Dragon Ceaser

Burai was eight years old when his baby brother, Geki) was born. His father was the Black Knight, a man with a little too much pride and didn't sit well with the Yamato King. The king took his second-born son Geki. He decided that was a bit too much and went to war to retrieve his boy, only to end being killed by the Yamato King. Dying, he swore his eight year old son to vengeance. And so Burai trained, every day of his life. He lived with Gnome and Ryota, his promise to his father was not the only thing he wanted. He also wanted to be a hero, to fight the monsters that were destroying their lands. Only he never had the chance. The war was over too quickly and the Yamato King was already dead by the time Burai was mature. Then later on Geki and the others went into suspended animation. There was no other way to get revenge but to follow them.

The first time the Zyurangers had a clue to his existence was when they had to rescue Ryota from Gnome and Barza. Ryota, Gnome's young grandson found the key to the cave Burai slept in, and was intent to open it because that day was the last day. If Burai was not released, he would die. Ryota had no idea why his grandfather seemed determined to let that happen, and Burai had been his friend. Back when, Burai saved Ryota's life. Bandora seeing all this excitement (determined to do was to make sure the little boy got where he was going), she sent her forces to stop Barza and Gnome. Ryota opened the cave and released Burai. And the first thing the Dragon Ranger did was attack the Zyuranger. Our heroes retreated to base and demanded an explanation of Barza. At last the story of Geki's real parents was told and Geki was in shock and also had the greatest sympathy for his tormented brother.

There was nothing would do but to befriend him and Geki did his very best every chance he got. Burai, meanwhile, had ran afoul of Bandora. When he wouldn't work for her, she pointed out that he did not have the power to defeat the Zyurangers and told him she knew where a legendary sword--the Hellfriede sword--was, that would give him the strength he needed. And she sent him after it. What she did not mention was that the sword would drive its wielder crazy. Since Burai was so long is suspended animation, he was still not stable. And so he ended up working for her, growing increasingly insane under the influence of the evil sword. Geki tried to befriend Brai and refused to fight him. Daijujin intervened to protect him and ordered him to kill Burai. When Geki refused, the god punished him. But his continued refusal only enabled Bandora to use Burai to deal the Zyurangers a devastating blow. She managed to trap the Zords underground in lava. Geki retreated into depression and Bandora and her people partied on the moon.

But Burai could not stand still and he attacked Bandora, meaning to take her power and rule the world. She threw him out down to Earth and would have killed him if he wasn't for a tiny person in white (Klotho), who dragged him off to a cave and told him it was his new home. She also told him that in 32 hours he would die. Brai's life-force was burning out, in the form of a green candle. As long as he stayed in this cave (Lapseless Room), time would not pass for him. And she had a gift for him: a green dagger that doubled as a flute Zyusouken. She told him if he went out and played it, something marvellous would happen. So she left him and he went out and played the dagger. Out of the depths of the ocean, through the harbor, came Dragon Caeser. Though Burai would soon die, he had his own companion beast. He used to Dragon Caeser destroy the city. It attracted the attention of the Zyuranger and Bandora. She sent Lamia and Gryphoza down to fight Dragon Caeser. Barza used a combination of prayer and magic and managed to get the companion beasts out of the lava hole. They lead Burai and Dragon Caeser out of town, and the Tyrannosaurus fought the newcomer by itself.

Too many helpless humans had died or merely been injured because he had let Burai run wild. He knew this and for the first time he fought his best and defeated his brother, blasting him out of his armor. The companion beasts formed Daijinju, who punished Dragon Caeser for fighting against them, then demanded that Geki finish off Brai. His teammates were horrified. They knew what this would cost him but he moved to obey. Burai was exhausted and unable to get to his feet. When he found Geki over him, about to run him through, there was nothing he could do. He did not want to die. But instead, Geki stabbed his sword deep into the ground. "I won't do it. You can't make me." And he turned to walk away. Burai got a surge of mad energy, snatched up the madness sword and went after Geki, as the others cried out. But Geki did not turn. "Strike!" he said, and Burai stumbled to a hault. In the continued silence, Geki spoke again. "Go ahead and strike. If it will help: if it will take the pain away, kill me." And Burai could not do it. When Geki turned, tears streaming down his cheeks, Burai's madness broke and he fell to his knees, begging his brother's forgiveness. Tears fell from his own eyes and touched the evil sword, which turned to dust. Daijujin was stunned. "The evil is gone!" it exclaimed. And Burai asked Geki, "All I've ever had was my duty to take revenge. What do I do? What place is there for me, now?" Geki said, "Stay with us." The Zyuranger welcomed him to their circle. Daijujin demonstrated how it could join with Dragon Caeser now that they were together. But Burai disappeared, without explanation. And for many adventures afterwards he and Dragon Caeser would only show up if the battle was too hard.

Eventually though, the others were sent to his cave and the little girl in white explained, despite Burai's protests, what was going on. You see, during his long sleep there had been an earthquake. Boulders fell from the roof and crushed Burai. He died. But the girl is Klotho, who sets the lifespan, and Daijujin had prevailed upon her to give Brai new life, so that he could get the Dragon Caeser and pass it in turn to Geki with his death. Things were complicated by Geki's refusal to kill Burai, but now things would work out fine. He would die, and Daijujin would still have Dragon Caeser. Though the god was happy, this arrangement did not suit Geki at all. He started to get antsy about Burai coming out of the cave and Bandora started to make certain that this would happen. Eventually Klotho appeared to warn the Zyuranger that Burai was down to 4 hours and the next time he came out of the cave would be the last. Burai was having dreams, where in he would get in a rickshaw cart and the driver would tell him he was riding to the Land of the Dead. And there was a little boy waiting at the next stop. Bandora found Burai's cave and destroyed it, leaving him out in the cold with only four hours left. He set off to find the boy he was always dreaming about, and did. The kid was a big fan of Dragon Caeser and was ecstatic to meet Burai. Meanwhile, the other Zyuranger found out about the Water of Life. It was in a special fountain, and all you had to do was drink it and it would renew your life force. Between Bandora's attacks and the time limit, they had to split up. Goushi and Dan went off to find the Water. The others stayed, to join with Burai and fight Bandora's monsters. The boy was injured by falling rubble and hospitalized. He was dying. Burai knew it and left his coin in the boy's palm. They fought and at last defeated the attacking monsters. But then Burai vanished from the cockpit, to the dismay of Geki, Boi and Mei. Goushi and Dan made it to the water, fought their way past the Guardian and at last got the water, only to be informed that they were too late for Burai.

Geki and the others searched until they found him, lying as though dead on the beach. Dying, he passed his shield and Zyusouken and Dragon Caeser to Geki. Then he vanished from his brother's arms. The Zyuranger gave the water instead to the little boy, and he was fine but wondered what had happened to Burai, whose coin vanished the moment he opened his hand. And Burai, riding on the road to the Land of the Dead, looked out and smiled when he saw that the stop the boy had been at was empty.