Daijuujin/Daizyujin Alternate Spelling: Daijuujin
Translation: Great Beast God
Height: 41m
Weight: 570 tons
Combination of Tyrannosaurus, Mammoth, Triceratops, Saber Tiger, and the Pteranodon. Daijuujin was always a guide to the Zyuranger, it evens tells Geki to kill his brother Burai because he was in possession og the Hellfriede sword despite his wishes. All was resolved when Burai's tears destroyed the sword. At the end, Daijuujin traps Bandora and her lackeys in a golden vase that floats in space.

Weapon: Dinosaur Sword Godhorn
Attack: Super Legend Thunder Light Cut technique

Length: 52m
Height: 24m
Weight: 570 tons
Speed: 300
The Dinotanker is armed with the Power Charge, Beast Tank Cannons, and Beast Tank Storm attacks. The Beast Tank Cannons is bascially cannon lasers from each of the beast's cannons. The Beast Tank Storm is all the lasers combined.