Evil Arsenal

Bandora's Palace Dorascepter
Bandora's personal scepter she throws to Earth to enlarge her monsters. She also uses it to conduct spells.

Bandora's personal transport is a bicycle while she is doing a visit on Earth.

Bandora uses this telescope to see the occurances on Earth.

Grifocaliber IV
Grifforzer's personal sword.

Satan's Tower
Bandora constructs this tower to summon Dora Satan from hell . She had to gather thirteen children to be sacrificed. She called satan for the first time to donate power to ZombieFranke and then again to devastate the earth. The symbols don't really mean anything.

Bandora used this special clay to create super-powered Golems and Dora Franke. Golems mined for super putty in an Earth Cave and Puripurikan made golems that are indestructible. The Thunder Slingers were fetched to defeat the golems.

Sword of Hellfriede
Dangerous evil sword Burai took from a dead knight and used to duel his brother.