King Brachion
Length: 116 meters
Height: 62 m
Weight: 510 tons
Speed: 150
The final piece to make the full god. When Geki and Burai went in search for the Thunder Slingers they had to face King Brachion who had fire breath.

Daizyujin riding on King Brachion sans Dragon Ceasar. No idea of the name.

Kyuukyoku Daizyujin
Translation: Ultimate Great Beast God)
Length: 100 meters
Height: 81 meters
Weight: 1250 tons
King Brachion transforms into King Tanker. Zyueti Daizyujin combines with King Tanker to form the Ultimate Great Beast God. It is the great god that watched over the kingdoms long time ago. It fought aganist Dai Satan and Bandora and was split into three forms: Daizyujin (which is five other lesser gods), King Brachion, and Dragon Ceasar.
Attack: Grand Vanisher