Bandora's Palace

Bandora's Palace Welcome to Bandora's Palace on the moon.

Grifforzer, Puripurikan, Lami, Bandora, Tottpatt and Buckbuck.

Bandora was a queen and had a son Kai that she beloved. He wasn't necessarily a good kid. He was fooling around one day, breaking open dinosaur eggs, when a parent dinosaur caught him at it and chased him off a cliff. Bandora witnessed the attack, and she went mad in her grief. She swore alliance to Dai Satan for the power to avenge her son's death. The Shogozyu imprisoned Bandora and her flunkies in a magical canister on the planet Nemesis. But there is a kind of forgetfullness that came with the madness. By the present, Bandora had essentially forgotten Kai, until Dai Satan sent his ghost to her to spur the battles with the Zyuranger. When Kai died a second time, Bandora for the first time was able to grieve for him and her power was broken. This allowed Barza and the dinosaur gods to lock her and her people once again in the vase, which now spins through empty space.

Grifforzer wields the Grifocaliber IV, he is second in command.

The local idiot with a calculator and Bookkrapper pistol. He also videotaped Bandora's evil deeds on Earth.

Scatterbrained alchemist vampire.

Tottpatt and Buckbuck in human form.

He sculpted monsters from clay and brought them to life in his special oven.

Puripurikan kept small clay creatures who moved by themselves. It doesn't seem that they ever became fully baked monsters. One in the picture is what later became Dora Tarantula.

Alternate Spelling: Lammy
She was Grifforzer's wife who was revived after 65 million years in suspended animation. She changes into into giant Lammy Scorpion.

Lami and Grifforzer's son was born around the end of the series and was locked away with the rest of Bandora's horde. He had a human face.

Golem Hei
Made out of mud clay, these were Bandora's grunts. Captain Golems were two darker and rocky Golems. Some Golem had rock for hands and some knives.

Dai Satan
Bandora used his assistance lay waste to Earth 170 million years ago and splitted Kyuukyoku Daizyujin, the god, into its three forms. He later came back and assisted her gived Dora Frank a power boost. He was destroyed along with Dora Talos.

Bandora's son who was killed by Dinosaurs because he smashed some dino eggs. He was the prince of the Dal Tribe. Dai Satan brought him back and he attacked the Zyuranger. He piloted Dora Talos along with four hypnotized children. He then died a second time which caused Bandora much grief. This was the opportunity the Protector Beasts took to trap her again.

The urn they trapped in at the end.