Geki, Tyranno Ranger
Full Name: Geki Prince of Ancient Mankind's Yamato Kingdom
Ranger Designation: Tyranno Ranger, Armed Tyranno Ranger (Post Dragon Ranger)
Henshin Device: DinoBuckler
Weapons/Gear: Ryuugekiken and Road Saurer 1, Zyusoken and Dragon Sheild (Post Dragon Ranger)
Attacks: Jump Cut, Straight Cut, V Crash
Shogozyu: Tyrannosaurus, Dragon Ceasar (Post Dragon Ranger)

Geki is the leader of Zyuranger. He was the second born son of a Black Knight and was taken in by the king and queen of the Yamato Kingdom. The Black Knight forged a war to get his son back and ended up being killed by the king. Geki's old brother Burai swore revenge on the king, evenutally the king died and when Geki was chosen to go into suspended animation, Burai followed him. Geki grew up thinking he was the son of the king and queen and was up for the throne. Geki is a friendly and loyal fierce fighter. He helped the team to discover the Legendary weapons, as well as Daizyujin. He transforms into Tyranno Ranger. He was torn when Burai came and fought aganist him. He always wanted to be on friendly terms with his blood brother.

Armed Tyranno Ranger
When Burai eventually died, for technically the second time, Geki was given his golden Dragon Armor and the Zyusouken, to call upon Dragon Ceasar.