Dino Buckler
Each Zyuranger possessed a magical coin that they place in the buckle to transform.
Barza advises Geki that the key to evoke Daizyujin is five Dynocrystals. His sword shows him where they are. At that time, he only had his Tyrannosaurs. With the crystals, the other four were released.
These primitive weapons were transformed into magical weapons for each ranger.
Ranger Stick
Each of them has a rangerstick that switches from gun to sword. Click the picture form the larger image. When they put their Ranger Swords, it creates the Babel Attack .
Each is later armed with the Thunderslinger which was sought after by the brothers to fight against Bandora's new Dokiita-clay.
The Thunderslinger combines with Ranger Gun to form Rangerslinger.
Ryuugekiken (Dragon Attack Sword)
Attack: Straight Cut
Attack: Triceralance Typhoon
It can act like a laser and axe.
Attack: Power Crush, Mothbreaker Change Attack
Saber Daggers
Attack: Saber Daggers Lightning Shoot
Ptera Arrow
Attack: Rolling Arrows
Howling Cannon
Combination of the five weapons: Ptera Arrows, Mothbreaker, Saber Daggers, Triceralance, and the Ryuugekiken.

Burai the Dragon Ranger was given the Zyusoken by Clotho. This dagger can be used as a flute to call upon Dragon Ceasar. Burai later gave it to Geki the Tyranno Ranger and he used it to call Dragon Ceasar.

Dragon Armor
Dragonranger's protective armor