Barza, the Priest of Snow a.k.a. Justice's Immortal aided the Zyuranger. He protected their sleeping bodies over the last 170 million years. He took the form of an apartment manager.

An old friend of Barza, lord of the forest eleves. He helped Barza get a root to change a delinquent spell on Mei and Dan. It was later found out that he knew Burai was in suspended animation, who was determined to have revenge on Geki, wanted Burai to die in his state. There was day that would he die.

Gnome's grandson Ryota, a pointy earred child who admired Burai because he saved his life. He found a key to the cave Burai was in and released him from his animated suspension depsite his grandfather's wishes.

Alternate Spelling: Clotho
She kept Burai in her Lapseless room to sustain his life. She gave him the Zyusouken. She was also the guardian of the Water of Life which she donned white statue-like armor. She had many forms like of a little girl. She also led them to create Zyueti Daizyujin.