Elder Oogi
Sources says it translates to: Orghi
Oogi is the wise elder of Ginga Forest tribe and he passes the Ginga powers through generations. He was petrified and sank beneath lake with Ginga Forest to save it from Shelinda. Before he did so, he gave Gingaman seed which became Moku.
Wisdom Tree Moku
Sources says it translates to: Moak
From the seed given by Oogi, the tree spirit was created and served as the Gingaman's mentor. He assisted in recovering ancient weapons stolen by Balban long ago. He also has the ability to sense Balban activity near any forest. He later sacrifices himself to absorb all the evil poisoning energy from maturing the EarthBeast. He left Bokku with seed which, when planted after war, grew into Moku once again.
Fairy Bokku
He is an Ginga Forest fairy that resembles an acorn, he is child-like and spirited, he served Oogi like a page and brought items to the Gingaman throughout the forest.
Haruhiko & Yuuta Aoyama
A writer of children's stories, Haruhiko believed in the existence of the legendary Ginga Forest. He let the Gingaman stay at his ranch after their forest home was pertified. Haruhiko's son, Yuuta didn't believe the legend until he witnesses the birth of the 133rd Gingaman. Haruhiko later wrote all their adventures.
Suzuko Mizusawa
Gouki fell in love with young Yuuta's homeroom teacher Suzuko. Unfortuantely, he wasn't the only one and his competitor for her affections was Shunsuke Kishimoto. Gouki and Shunsuke teamed up at one point to defeat the Balban, towards the end of the series. Suzuko's big sister's fiance Hiroshia arrived and Gouki thought Hiroshi was Suzuko's fiance and even though he grieved, he saved the Hiroshi's life during the Balban attack.
Miharu was the love of Hayate's life and she was turned to stone and sunk under the lake along with the rest of the Ginga Forest. The young couple played the pipes together most of their time. She was wise, and loving, and he missed her achingly. Shelinda even tricked him with a doppleganger of Miharu, fueling more of his anger towards Shelinda.
Kurokishi's little brother was killed by the Balban, who BullBlack wanted to avenge. It was Krantz's spirit who begged him to stop causing damage and searching for revenge.
A star power gemstone fell from the sky one night and landed a bit too near Gingat and became a small kitten. Yuuko was a motherless girl whose father was working overseas. She was looking for her kitty and found the small Gingat. When the Gingaman tracked down Gingat but out of sorrow, Saya left her companion with Yuuko. Yuuko had a gemstone with the cat. Yuuko then realized Gingat was much needed for battle and the gemstone was broken, so Gingat was restored. The Gingaman found her real cat.
The Megaranger came to the aid of the Gingaman when Hizumina and Prince Gregory brought Captain Zahab and the Balban back from the dead in 'Gingaman vs Megaranger'.
Gogo Five
The Gingaman returned to teamup with the GoGoV against King Gill and the Dark Beast in 'GogoV vs Gingaman'.