Pirate Prince Gregory
In Gingaman Vs Megaranger, Gregory and Dr. Hinelar's second 'daughter', Hizumina team up to revive the Balban army. He is an old friend of Zahab's. He controlled a second Daitanix as well as his personal beast, Gillmadix. He was killed by Galaxy Mega & Super Armor Shine Gingaioh.
Daitanikusu II
Alternative Spellings: Ditanix, Dytanix, Daitanix
Gregory brings forth this red Daitanix in 'Gingaman Vs Megaranger' and it was killed along with GigaPhoenix and GigaRhinos, whom used all their power to destroy it.
Alternative Spellings: Gillmadix
Gillmadix is killed by Bull Taurus and Super Armor Shine Gingaioh in 'Gingaman Vs Megaranger'.