Space Pirates Balban
Some sources says it is spelled: Barban, Baruban
The Balban space pirates had destroyed many planets among the Milky Way. They have their castle was mounted on the back of the demon beast Daitanix. Three Thousand years ago, they attempted to invaded Earth but the first generation of Gingaman and the Starbeasts sealed them in the bottom of the sea. and lived on a castle on top of Daitanikusu Three-thousand years ago. The stellar beast Daitnaksu had a great empty stomach and started sucking the energy out of the stars. An earthquake broke the seal and Barban was released, they then rose from the ocean and went after the Gingaman and had plans of awakening Daitanix in our time. Ditanix was cursed to stone. Its four great armies plot various strategies in order to achieve it.
Captain Zahab
Some sources says its spelled: Zaihabu
Captain Zahab leads a band of pirates that were sealed away in the ocean's bottom. He lost his hand to original Gingared 3,000 years ago and hates current Gingared. The life of a star Daitanix would absorb would turn into a jewel, which Zahab adds to his collection and gives him an immortal body. By attaching his castle to Daitanix's back, Zahab was able to control Daitanix, destroying and absorbing stars throughout the Milky Way. He was killed in destruction of castle during EarthBeast battle. He was later resurrected by Hizumina, Shibolena's 'younger sister' in 'Gingaman Vs. Megaranger' and defeated by them.
Shelinda is second in command in the Balban rankings. Shelinda lead numerous attacks against the Gingaman, one of them was the attack on the GingaForest where Ogi had to turn everyone to stone so she wouldn't steal the Ginga Forest energy. Shelinda also had a personal dislike for Hayate. While in battle one time she received a bloody injury by him nand she never forgave him for it. One time she stole a present given to Hayate by his lost love Miharu and made an evil double of her to fight against Hayate. In the past, she had developed some kind of realtionship with Budou. She later killed Pukuratesu when he doubled crossed Captain Zahab. She was not one to back down from a fight. Her specializes in fighting with a sword. Shelinda was the navigator of Daitnaksu. She was later resurrected in 'Gingaman V.s Megaranger' and defeated by them.
Some sources says its spelled: Iliess
Title: Spectral Empress
She is an Egyptian-themed, spiteful, and ambitious sorceress. She carried a crystal ball. She always demanded monetary compensation upon a successful plan. She arranged Budou's death, having grown too impatient to wait for her turn against the Gingaman and to revive Daitanikusu. Having succeeded, in becoming the new general, she intended to revive Daitanix through sorcery. She was later resurrected by Hizumina, Shibolena's 'younger sister' in 'Gingaman Vs. Megaranger' and defeated by them.
Evil Empress Iriesu
After her younger brother, Desufuiasu, is destroyed, Iliess takes matters into her own hands, absorbing the dead souls of all her Majin to fight the Gingamen in a powerful chimera-like second form, called Evil Empress Iriesu. She is killed by Super Armor Shine Gingaioh, after getting thrashed by GingaRhinos, GingaPhoenix and Bull Taurus. When Pucrates attempted to revive her, Zahab, who knew/learned that she was the one who framed Budoh, stopped Pucrates and used her soul gem instead to prevent Ditanix's body from rotting.
Some sources says its spelled: Sanbash
Leader of the Sanbasshu Army, carried a pistol and was a lone biker.His first monster was Korushizaa. He went out in a blaze of glory, whenhe finally realized he had failed to defeat the new Gingaman. He had a bottle of the liquid that makes the monsters big. He was later resurrected by Hizumina, Shibolena's 'younger sister' in 'Gingaman Vs. Megaranger' and defeated by them.
Some sources says its spelled: Batbas
This barbaric, axe weilding menace is Captain Zahab's right hand man. Barbarax was swallowed up by the EarthBeast. He was in charge of the Battobasu Army. He had a barrel of liquid that mae monsters big. He was later resurrected by Hizumina, Shibolena's 'younger sister' in 'Gingaman Vs. Megarange'r and defeated by them.
A honor-driven samurai swordsman, armed with Girasame sword, he attempted to obtain Lights of Ginga. He was caught offguard by Iliess's treachery and fought to the death against Gingared . He was later resurrected by Hizumina, Shibolena's 'younger sister' in 'Gingaman Vs Megaranger' and defeated by them.
Some sources says its spelled: Pucrates
He loved Iriesu and he helped her arrange Budou's death. Becuase of their fellow Balbans' plotting to steal her power she died, fighting the Gingaman and he began to go mad. He barely escaped with his own life, and hatched a plot to destroy Captain Zaihabu, eventually he stole Gotaurus to force Hyuuga to work for him.
Prince Bezunera
Some sources says its spelled: Prince Biznella
He brought with him three starbeasts he had enslaved and mechanized. He had to return payment when Steel Starbeasts defect to Gingamen's side, but hired as consultant by Batbas. He later planned to grow EarthBeast with Rapid Growth Extract, ends up falling into vat in struggle with Gingaman and mutating into monster form Majin Biznella .
Some sources says its spelled: Yartots
They are Zahab's faceless soldiers. They resemble pirates, complete with bandanas and goatees, and carry curved swords. The destruction of Zahab's castle wiped out his army of Swabbies.