Full Name: Hyuuga
Weapons: Bullriot
Ginga Beast: Heavy Starbeast Gotaurus
Hyuuga was the elder brother of Ryouma. He was also gifted with the Earth Power and was supposed to be the Red Gingamen originally. But Hyugga feel to his death through a crevice. Before this he passed his sword over to Ryouma, so he could take his place. Ryouma did not forget about his brother and continued to strive to be as good as he was. When Kurokishi arrived, Ryouma saw his brother in him. Despite the worrier's darker persona. Kurokishi was somehow burdened by Hyuuga 's voice. It was later revealed that Hyuuga had fallen into the crevice that Kurokishi had. Kurokishi had taken his life energy to escape. Kurokishi returned to his heroic ways and released Hyuuga, before sacrficing himself to save the world. Kurokishi sword was recovered by the Gingamen. Ryouma started to suspect that Hyuuga should take back his rightful place as a Gingamen. But Hyuuga was able to convince him that he was meant to have the powers how a long. Hyuuga was able to use Kurokishi's sword and recieved his powers. Hyuuga fought with the Gingamen as the new Bull Black. Later he recieved a powerful ax that helped him in the final battle with the Balban.