Activate the Lights of Ginga
Point to a Zord for a better view

The Gingaman channeled energy from their home planets from their Machine Blades and huge animals from distant planets would transform into the armored Silver Starbeasts. Thr Gingamen's Earth power would increase when man and beast combine. The Starbeasts give lifeforce to neutralize Tagredor's toxic mist. The Gingaleon's (lion) master attack is fire breath called Strong Flame. The Gingalcon's (dragon/falcon) attack is the Roaring Cyclone Attack. Gingaverick (wolf) attacks with Strong Electric Shock. Gingarilla (gorilla) has Mighty Strength. Gingat (wildcat) throws thin needles from her mane called Flower Bullet.
A star power gemstone fell from the sky one night and landed a bit too near Gingat and became a small kitten. A little girl Yuuko was looking for her kitty and found the chibi-sized Gingat. When the Gingaman track down Gingat but out of sorrow, Saya left her companion with Yuuko. Yuuko then realized Gingat was much needed for battle and the gemstone was broken, so Gingat was restored. The Gingaman found her real cat.
Silver Armor Sword
The sword is Gingaioh's primary weapon. It becomes upgraded when Gingaioh gains Super Armor Shine from the power of the Lights of Ginga.

The Silver Armor Sword can become energized to deliver a multi-hit combo slash called the Galaxy Beast King Cut.

Galcon Bowgun
The Gingalcon can be detached from the back and used as a hand held weapon that can fire a destructive attack called the Shooting Star Bullet.
Gingaioh Super Armor Shine
When the Gingaioh is powered up by the Lights of Ginga. In this mode, it gains longer spikes at the hilt, and is capable of delivering a super charged finishing slash.