The Balban's headquarters, the Rowdy Inivicible Castle was attached to Daitanix to use Daitanix as transportation ans use it to collect star's life force.
Some sources says its spelled: Daitanix, Ditanix, Dytanix
Born in a contaminated star, which happened to be Zahab's home planet, Daitanix's only instinct is to destroy stars. This dragon-like beast can absorb the life of a star and turn it into a jewel. Zahab adds the jewels to his collection and gives him an immortal body. By attaching themselves to the beast, they destroyed and absorbed stars throughout the Milky Way. It was imprisoned lifeless in stone under sea by Starbeasts and original Gingamen. The goal of the Barban was the resurrection of Daitanix after the seal was broken in the earthquake, this succeeded when Iliess' lifeforce--in form of a soul gem--was absorbed by it. It resulted in the monster's heart beating and Battobas eventually gathering enough energy to fully revive it. It overwhelmed the Gingaman, however it began to overheat. Daitanix's body was decaying during its fight with the Gingabeasts, so the Barban left the monster to die at the hands of Bull Taurus armed with the Knight Axe, double-teaming GingaPhoenix and GingaRhinos, and finally Super Armor Shine Gingaioh.
Earth Beast
The destruction of Ditanikusu spreads seeds throughout the Earth which made the EarthBeast grow. With his growth, EarthBeast pollutes Earth power until Moku absorbs evil energy. The larva eats Rapid Growth Extract and its master Battobasu and became a giant creature. Having attached the castle to it, Zahab confronts Gingaman but the Earth With lethal strike to Balban castle on its head, it was destroyed by the firepower of Super Armor Shine Gingaioh after getting a power boost from GingaPhoenix and GingaRhinos.