Heavy Starbeast Gotaurus
Bullblack's sentient bull mecha, eyebeams enlarge Bullblack into HeavyKnight Bullblack, armed with Bullsword Fire Slash.
Heavy Knight Bullblack + Gaotaurus = Combined Beast Warrior Bulltaurus- Bulltaurus armed with Twin Bullsword Bison Fierce Cut
Heavy Knight Bullblack
Gotaurus enlarges BullBlack with eyeball beams.
Combined Beast Warrior BullTaurus
Magna Defender can ride Torozord into battle, charging at monsters with tremendous power.
Twin Bullsword Bison Fierce Cut
Heavy Knight BullBlack uses two lances for hand to hand combat. The two lances join into the single BullSword for BullTaurus.
Bullsword Fire Slash
Bulltaurus charges up his twin bullsword and spins at a high velocity towards an opponent, destroying them with a slash.
Knight Axe
BullBlack gives up Earth power to wield cursed Knight Axe in hopes of defeating Zahab. BullTaurus can also summon it, which can charge up in a circular pattern for a destructive energized blow.