SeiJuuKen (Starbeast Swords)
The magical weapons that are wield by the legendary Gingaman. They callupon the elements to do sword attacks. Red does Fire Flash sword attack, Green does the Gale sword attack, Blue does the Torrent sword attack, Yellow does the Thunder Sweeper and Pink does the Flower Mind sword attack. They extend out.
Ginga Braces
Each device bears set to one of five colors, activated by turn of a dial. To transform into Gingman with the call 'Ginga Tensei.' 'Tensei' translates to Reincarnation.
Machine Blades
They are blades that change into different forms for each Ginagman. Ginga Red has the Kiba Cutter and does the Fire Cut attack. Ginga Green has the Kiba Shot and does the Blast Shootattack. Ginga Blue uses the Kiba Claw to make the Tsunami Hit attack. Ginga Yellow uses the Kiba Knives to do the Lightning Cut attack. Pink's blade is the Kiba Arrow. When all held together, it does the Violent Machine Blade Ring blast. They are also used to transform the main Starbeasts.
Beast Attack Rods
Each Gingaman has a rod that can be used as a staff and be extended to be a bazooka.
Knight Axe
A cursed weapon that Hyuuga received from Pucrates which has the power to destroy the Star Soul Jewel which sustained Zahab's life.
BullBlack's personal sword that also functions as Hyuuga's transformation device. It can transform from a rifle to a sword.