Jetman figures - Yellow Owl, Blue Swallow, Red Hawk, White Swan and Black Condor; Each figure came with weapons and sold seperately.

Red Hawk and Black Condor Set Red Hawk and Black COndore figures came with Bringer Swords and badges.

Red Hawk figure - Came with silver instead of white and red hostlers instead of white.


Cross Changer - The Jetman's communication item came with Corresponder, which both had lights and sound.

Brid Blasters - Bird Blasters came Bringer Swords, hostlers and badge.

Beak Smashers - The Jetman's other laser, that merges with Bird Blaster.

Wing Guantlet - Mounts on child's wrist, wings came out.

Fire Bazooka - Jet Striker vehicle became bazooka.


Jet Striker - The vehicle version by itself came with Red Hawk figure.

Jet Bouncer - Yellow and White's four-wheeler came with Yellow Owl and White Swan figures.

Jet Speeders - Black and Blue's motorcyles each came with a figure, sold seperately.


Deluxe Jet Icarus - Five mech into one robo.

DX Jet Garuda - Plane becomes one robo, can merge with Jet Icarus.

DX Great Icarus - Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda become one.

DX Tetra Boy - Robo that became cannon.

Jet Icarus - Smaller version of Jet Icarus with attachment.

Jet Icarus Set - Smaller version of Jet Icarus with other assessories.

Jet Garuda - Smaller version of Jet Garuda with wing attachment.

Jet Simulator - Great Icarus head with simulator.

Hyper Haken - Smaller version of the combo robo in plane mode.

Great Icarus - Smaller version of the combo robo.

Super Sentai Robo Collection: Jet Icarus - Released in the mid-2000's.