Gingaman figures 1-5 - Each Gingaman comes with Seijuken, Beast Attack Rod, and Lights of Ginga gear. Bull Black comes with Gingaoh Lights of Ginga gear, axe, and Bull Riot. Bull Black also came in another box.

Metallic Ginga Red - Metallic version of Ginga Red figure.

Gingaman 5 Full-figure Set - Miniature statutettes with little stands for their feet.

Shelinda Completion Model - Statutette of Shelinda with sword.


Ginga Brace - The five Gingaman's transformation item comes with light and sound.

Seujuken - The Starbeast sword, comes with five different Starbeast plates that fit in the hilt, hostler, badge and belt buckle.

Jizaiken Kiba - Ginga Red's fang-shaped blade that can transform into five different forms.

Lights of Ginga Set - Roleplay as a Gingaman with belt buckle, gauntlet, claw, and sword attachments.

Beast Attack Rod - Ginga Red's attack rod.

Bull Rioter - Bull Black's gun becomes a sword when hostler is combined with it.


Ginga Red and Red Spark Set - Ginga Red figure and armored Red Spark horse, weapon and assessories.

Ginga Green and Green Wind Set - Ginga Green figure and armored Green Wind horse, weapon and assessories.

Ginga Blue and Blue Horizon Set - Ginga Blue figure and armored Blue Horizon horse, weapon and assessories.

Ginga Pink and Pink Flower Set - Ginga Pink figure and armored Pink Flower horse, weapon and assessories.

Ginga Yellow and Yellow Thunder Set - Ginga Yellow figure and armored Yellow Thunder horse, weapon and assessories.

Galeo Pulsar - Ginga Red's capsular vehicle.


Deluxe Gingaioh - Five Silver StarBeasts (GingaLeon, GingaVerick, Gingat, Gingalcon, and Gingarilla) combine to make one robo.

Deluxe GouTaurus - Heavy Knight combines with GouTaurus to make BullTaurus.

Deluxe Giga Phoenix - Five Gigawings become one robo.

Deluxe Giga Rhinos - Five Gigawheels become one robo.

GigaBitus - Come with minature vehicles inside, can transform from Cruiser Mode to Scrambler Mode.

Silver Starbeasts Sets 1-2 - Set 1 comes with GingaVerick, Gingalcon, and head and chest of Gingaioh. Set 2 comes with sword, Gingorilla, and Gingat.

Starbeasts - Five Starbeast figures, before they become robos.

BullTaurus - Smaller version of BullTaurus, comes with Heavy Knight and weapons.

BullTaurus - Non-transforming BullTaurus.

Deluxe Gingaioh Black and Gold Version - Black and Gold version of Gingaioh.