Go Go Five 5 Set - Each Go Go Five member comes with moveable arms in one set.

Go Go Five full-figure set - Minature statuates that have to be constructed. Five in all. Comes with bases to hold the feet.

Rescue Battler 1-3 - Victory Robo, Zylpheeza and Magma Golem each sold seperately comes with weapons.


Go Go Brace - The Go Go Five's transformation item comes with wrist brace and lights and sounds, also an interactive game.

Five Laser - The main sidearm of the team, comes with isgniga badge, Red badge, belt, and Laser Grip.

Life Bird - Comes with five weapons that become one bird. Comes with Laser Grip.

V-Lancer - Red V-Boomerang combines with V-Machine Gun

V-Mode Brace - Comes with light and sound and wrist brace.

Go Blaster - Comes with hostler and missle. Can combine with the Five Laser.


Rescue Action Series 1: Fire Commander - Fire Commander comes with articulated Go Red figure. Fire Commander can launch any of the four Attack Pods.

Rescue Action Series 5: Attacker Pod Type-P - Attacker Pod comes with articulated Go Pink (with skirt) figure. Go Pink lays down inside Attacker Pod. This Attacker Pod comes with pink-tinted window.

Rescue Action Series 2-4: Attacker Pods - Each sold seperately. Go Blue, Green and Yellow figure comes with their own color-tinited window pod.

Rescue Action Series 6: Red Ladder - Go Red's vehicle with ladder arms.

Rescue Action Series 7: Green Hover - Go Green's machine vehicle can fit one figure and a hook.


Deluxe Victory Robo - Five 99Machines become one. Blue Thrower, Yellow Armor, and Pink Aider form the Victory Walker. Comes with weapon.

Deluxe Grand Liner - The five GoLiners combine to make the Grand Linder. The 99Machines fit inside the individual GoLiners.

Deluxe LinerBoy - The Max Liner becomes the Max Shuttle and then into LinerBoy. LinerBoy can combine with Victory Robo.

Deluxe Victory Mars - Five Mars Machines combine into one robo.

Deluxe Max Victory Robo Black and Gold Edition - Six machines combine to make one robo, re-colored black and gold.

Victory Robo - Robo does not split into five but comes with weapon.

Grand Liner - Does not split into five, comes with assessories.

Victory Max Robo - Smaller version of Max Victory Robo, does not split into six.

Victory Mars - Smaller version of Victory Mars, does not split into five but does become crawler and comes with assessories.

Bay Area 55 - Comes with small GoLiners and miniature 99Machines that fit inside of them.

Max Area - Comes with small Max Shuttle.