DX Carranger figures - Each Carranger comes with their weapons and assessories. Yellow, Red, and Green Racers had punching action and Blue and Pink had running action.

Red Racer Figures - One was taller than the other. The smaller one can with light effect on the buckle.

Carranger figures - Each (Blue Racer, Green Racer, Red Racer, Pink Racer and Yellow Racer) came with their personal weapon (Fender Sword, Muffler Guns, Engine Cannon, Side Knuckles and Bumper Bow), Viblade and Auto Blaster sidearms, and badge sheild. Red Racer came with stand for the Giga Formula, the personal weapons formed to make a Giga Formula.

Zonette Statue - The villainess statue comes with her weapon and is 1/8 to scale.


Axle Changer - The five Carranger's transformation item, comes with light and sound activated by the Axle Key.

Auto Blaster - Carranger's gun sidearm, has two forms.

ViBlade - Carranger's sword sidearm.

Car Navick - Navigator system transforms into Navick Shot and can combine with the Auto Blaster. Has LCD.

Deluxe Giga Formula - Five weapons becomes a vehicle bazooka.

Signizer - Signal Man's badge/gun.baton, gold badge and lights and sounds. The Signizer has gun and baton mode.

Deluxe Giga Booster - Bazooka has two forms.


Vehicles - Red Vehicle, Blue Vehicle, Sirender.

Hyper Racer - Sirender and Red Vehicles.

Pegasus Thunder - Fits two figures and comes with assessories.

Dragon Cruiser - Came with minature Giga Booster that mounts on top. Fits two figures.

Speeder Machines - Five each sold seperately. Build your own Speeder Machine, comes with wheels, bottom, stickers, and other pieces.

Polispeeder - Signal Man figure and bike.


Deluxe RV Robo - Five Ranger Vehicles combine to make one robot.

Deluxe Sirender - Signal Man's Police cruiser transforms into robo.

Deluxe VRV Robo - Five vehicles become their own robos and combine into one bigger robo.

Deluxe Victrailer - A three-trailer vehicle transport becomes one robo.

Shop Playset - Does not come with vehicles.

VR Robo - Smaller version of the robo, doesn't split apart.