Changeman figures - Pink, Blue, Red, Black and White; Each figure came with weapons and sold seperately.

Changeman figures - Unmoveable Red, White, Black, Blue, and Pink; Each figure sold seperately.

Change Girl: Change Phoenix and Change Mermaid - Figure came with generic Caucasian face, alternate clothes, attachable helmet, fighting suit, belt, gloves, and weapons.

Figure Pack - Came with Change Dragon, Change Robo, three villains and tank.


Change Sword Set - Came with badge, belt, Change Sword, and blaster.

Change Brace - The Changemen's wrist brace comes with light and sound and assessories.

Power Bazooka - Five different bazookas came together, came with balls and assessories.

Changeman Helmet - Child-size, fits like a bike helmet.

Changeman Series: Change Hero - Change Dragon mask, CHange Robo figure, badge, and five featureless Changemn.


Change Cruiser - Team's truck came with Red featureless figure.

Change Dragon's Auto Changer - Auto Changer bicycle came with unmoveable Change Dragon figure.

Auto Changer set -Came with five Changemen figures, five miniature bikes, and miniature Power Bazooka.


Deluxe Change Robo - Three vehicles become one robo.

Deluxe Change Robo - Change Robo with sword and shield.

Change Robo - Chunkier version.

Shuttle Base and Change Robo Set - Smaller simipler version of Change Robo and Shuttle Base, came with assessories.

Shuttle Base - Could open up and hold miniature vehicles.

Dengeki Base - Could open up and came with light and sound.