Timeranger figures - Each Timeranger come with three weapons, each VolBazooka combine together to make the Voltech Bazooka. Each come with a blu stand that the figure can fit on and they connect together as well. Each Timeranger comes with lights on the helmets.

Timeranger full-figure set - Minature statuates that have to be constructed. Five in all. Comes with bases to hold the feet.

Timeranger 5 set - 5 in one set, movable arms.

Time Red vinyl figure - Similar to the Sentai Hero series figures.

Time Robota - Takku's assistant made by Sion, also works as alarm clock with lights and sound.


Chrono Changer - Timeranger's transformation item comes with wrist brace and spunds and lights.

Double Vector - Gao Dagger comes with belt, belt buckle, hostler and three orbs.

Time Emblem - Comes with capsule and picture of criminal. Includes Lights and Sounds.

Time Fire's Time Emblem - Time Fire's Time Emblem comes with same features as the regular Time Emblem.

Voltech Bazooka - Five cannons become one bigger cannon.

V Commander - Time Fire's transformation device comes with lights and sound and wrist brace.

DV Defender - Time Fire's gun becomes a sword and includes lights and sound.

Assault Mobile - Comes with carrying case, the pieces can become vehicles for the Timeranger figures. It can also fit on the Double Vector to become the Assault Vector.

Space-Time Sword - Roleplay with the Time Robo Alpha's sword. It was able to open up.


Time Flyer - Time Flyer changes from jet that fits all five Timeranger figures into Flyer Magnum. It fits a child's hands.

Time Fire and V-Rex Set - Time Fire figure comes with un-movable V-Rex figure.


Time Robo - Five Time Jet vechiles that can either become Time Robo Alpha or Time Robo Beta. They can also combine to make the vehicle Gamma.

Providus Set - Deluxe detailed Providus robo comes with Providus Base set that fits the five Time Jets and comes with miniature Chrono-Ship.

Deluxe Time Jet - Time Jet came with five minature Timeranger figures.

Time Shadow - Fully-detailed Time Shadow robo can become a space ship. It can also combine with Time Robo Alpha or Beta.

V-Rex - V-Rex can transform from dinosaur to robot, comes with V-Commander radio controller. The controller makes the V-Rex move. Time Robo sold seperately.

TimeRobo Shadow Black and Gold Version - Black and Gold version of Time Shadow and Time Robo, can become TimeRobo Shadow Alpha or TimeRobo Shadow Beta.

TimeRobo Shadow Alpha - Smaller version of the TimeRobo Shadow Alpha, comes with weapons and assessories.

TimeRobo Beta - Smaller version of TimeRobo Beta, only comes with three pieces and weapon.

V-Rex Robo - Smaller version of V-Rex Robo that does not transform.