Sentai Hero Series: Gekiranger - GekiRed, GekiBlue, and GekiYellow sold seperately.

Spin-Action Gekiranger - GekiBlue and GekiRed with spinning action.

Sentai Hero Series: Black Lion Rio - Fully detailed and color-accurate rendition of the main atagonist of Gekiranger.

Sentai Hero Series: Master ShaFu - The elderly but fully-capable teacher to the Gekiranger.


Gekichangers - Attaches to wrists, with light and sound when moved. They are the main transformation items for GekiRed, Blue, Yellow, and Chopper.

Gekinunchaku - The main weapon of GekiRed, attached by rope. Easy grip and sounds when moved by motion sensor. It is 56 cm in length.

GekiTonfa - The main weapons of GekiBlue and GekiYellow, they can atatch together to make a Bo. They come with motion sensor light and sounds.

GekiBazooka - The bazooka belonging to the main three Gekiranger, it is approx. 38 cm long and when the handle is pulled back and there is a charging sound and the charge area lights up. The mouth opens up, revealing the cannon barrel. Push the handle back forward, the lights spin around in the charge area, and the blast sound activates.

RoboTough - Blow up air punching bag.

GekiSabre - Two of GekiRed's weapons become one.


Gekitohja - Tiger, Jaguar, and Cheetah combine into robo and top spins. Comes with weapon.

GekiElephant - GekiElephant can combine with GekiTohja to make GekiEleTohja.

GekiBat - GekiBat can combine with GekiTohja to make GekiBatTohja.

GekiShark - GekiShark can combine with GekiTohja to make GekiSharkTohja.