Invader Robots
Second class of monsters, from episodes 23-35.
Atomic Witch
She was the first of the Invader Robots. He attempt was to plant transmitters at ISISS buildings for Crimers to commit aerial attacks. Her main abilities are disguising as a regular woman, go through walls, and using violin music as a form of a weapon. She has a blocky computer part face with long brown hair. And she wears a white trench coat. She was the first Invader Robot to be attacked by Big One himself.
Episode 23
Hell's Angel
He was ordered by CRIME to lure kids as hostages to trap JAKQ. He accomplishes this by using his horn in the same practice as the pied piper. He has a large craninum and an over size top hat that fits perfectly on his huge head.
Episode 24
General Antongam
He resembles a fly who tried to take out each of JAKQ when each were keeping their guard down and lock them up in a cell. His main ability is being able to shoot a beam fromhis sword which creates a sink hole on any surface of earth soil.
Episode 25
Captain Ghost
He is captain of a ghost ship that was seen flying over Tokyo. He resembles the ghost captain of Shotoro Ishimori's "Flying Phantom Ship" which was made 8 years before JAKQ existed.
Episode 26
Fuehrer Crocodile
He and a troop of Crimers captured random citizens and put them all in a concentration camp. He resembles a crocodile wearing a Nazi officier uniform. Complete with a swatstika insignia and him and the Crimers even salute in a Nazi salute and march like Nazi soldiers.
Episode 27
Tentacles Lay Priest
Resembles a octopus priest who is able to shrink in size in a small crytal ball. He's also able to do the same thing towards other living things as one of his main powers.
Episode 28
Chief Mantis
Episode 29
Great Priest Cobra
Episode 30
Shachira Khan
Episode 31
Battalion Leader Chameleon
Episode 32
Admiral Buffalo
Episode 33
Great King Icarus
Episode 34
Warrior Iron Claw
Episode 35