Commander Daisuke Kujirai / Joker Commander Daisuke Kujirai / Joker
Commander Diasuke Kujirai codename Joker. Brought his plans for a cyborg squad to fruitition and became its leader. He is a brilliant bionics specialist and engineer. It was he who initiated the JAKQ project and recruited the various team members. He was a married man and a young daughter. He becomes the head of the ISSIS' advanced engineering branch in Episode 23 and was replaced by Big One. He returned in Episode 35.

Hamster Hamster
The ISSIS Hamster was Kujirai's pet cyborg that talks. It stayed behind even when Kujirai went to New York.

Hayashi Keiko Agent 7
Female assistant of JAKQ.

Yamamoto Junko Agent 8
Female assistant of JAKQ.

Iijima Yoshiko Agent 9
Female assistant of JAKQ.

Agent 10
Female assistant of JAKQ.

Hime Tamasaburou Hime Tamasaburou
A somewhat dimwitted and clumsy low level ISSIS member. Masquerades as a ramen takeout cook and carrier. Unfortunately, he gets in the way more than helps out. He appears from Episodes 23-35.

Commander Robert Commander Robert
Commander Robert is the ISSIS New York headquarters head. Approved of Kujirai's cyborg project.