Criminal Organization Crime
An international crime syndicate simply as Crime sought to become the world's largest crime family. With a network of wealthy and influential sympathizers and employing an army of faceless, leather-masked thugs and robotic assassins. Crime launched a number of spectacular and elaborate schemes to loot, kill, plunder and obtain absolute power. It is later revealed that Crime was in fact a cover organization for the alien entity Shine, who had sought to world domination.
An Artificial Intelligence entity from the second Star of the Shine Galaxy and revealed true ruler of Crime. He attempted to use Crime to takeover the Earth and created the super cyborg Great King Icarus to take control of Crime from Iron Claw and to battle JAKQ. He was later driven from Earth by JAKQ and Iron Claw. Debuts in Episode 23.

Iron Claw
Silver robed figurehead and 'God Father' of the Crime organization. Iron Claw, while appearing human was later revealed to be a cyborg much like his foes, JAKQ and Big One. His right hand was a powerful Iron Claw, which can fire talon-like missiles. It could also detach from Iron Claw's body to attack enemies independently. Iron Claw was a master of disguises and often masqueraded himself in a number of disguises, in either gender. He was a longtime rival of Big One and the pair have clashed at various times in the past. Iron Claw's ultimate fighting form was a full silver-bodied super cyborg, Warrior Iron Claw . He was defeated as such by the Big Bomber in the final battle of the series, but returned very much alive in 'JAKQ vs. Goranger'. There, he planned to bomb seven countries (the United States, the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, France, the United Kingdom, West Germany, and Japan) and go out into space until peace on Earth was settled--then, he would have become the King of the Solar System. The Gorangers and JAKQ crushed his plans when Big One gave Spade Ace a device which would set off a rocket claw Big One had switched with Iron Claw before transforming. The indepedent claw pressed the Detonate button and the City-Buster bombs destroyed the craft that Iron Claw was in, taking Iron Claw himself with it, and Big One now kept the real claw as a momento.
Crime Bosses
Humans sans costumes who oversee specific regions and/or operations. They are generally seen one per episode, from episodes 1-18 and 20.
The Crimers are faceless masked cyborg assassins in grey and black, armed with Sten Mk.2 Submachine Guns.
Devil Sharks Fighter
Planes with disk-like wings that the Crimers pilot.
Crime Fortress Island
Headquarters of the organization.