ISSIS (International Science Special Investigation Squad)
A worldwide organization opposing organized crime and terrorism, based in New York. It was organized by Interpol to combat the international threat of Crime across the Earth. It has bases worldwide, including the JAKQ's Tokyo headquarters, is located in a towering skyscraper in the heart of Shinjuku. The Tokyo ISSIS branch is commanded by Kujirai Daisuke (code named Joker). ISSIS takes on whatever ordinary police cannot handle, such as Crime. ISSIS utilizes its own army of blue uniformed military troops to assist JAKQ when needed.

J.A.K.Q. is the codename for ISSIS' secret 'Blitzkrieg Squad,' which was setup to combat the cyborg assassins of Crime. The J.A.K.Q. project was the brainchild of Kujirai Daisuke, a brilliant engineer and bionics specialist who was the Tokyo ISSIS branch commander.