Goro Sakurai, Spade Ace
Full Name: Goro Sakurai
Ranger Designation: Spade Ace
Weapon: Spade Arts power bow
Gear: Acceleration Switch, Ultra Sound Device, and Neutron Scope
Power: Atomic Energy
Vehicles: Space Machine, Sky Ace

Goro Sakurai is a Japanese pentathlon athlete and Olympic Gold Medalist, he was 24 years old at the time. In addition to being a champion in Karate, Archery and Judo, making him a top athlete and was also a skilled equestrian. He originally turned down Joker's offer to join JAKQ, so he could aim for the next Olympics, but later had a change of heart when he was saved by Karen. His bionic enhancements allowed him to manipulate Atomic Energy in a wide variety of ways. Using these energies, Sakurai is able to see through walls and other barriers using his X-ray vision through his Neutron Scope and to move at super speed by activating his Acceleration Switch. Sakurai is able to hear sounds at a distance at superhuman levels using his Ultra Sound Device. As Spade Ace, Sakurai wields the Spade Arts power bow. With the Spade Arts, Sakurai is able to shoot atomic-charged arrows which can puncture and bore through most substances. The Spade Arts bow can also be transform into a whip that can bind an opponent. Sakurai is a born leader and uses his abilities to seek out the weak points of his enemies. His atomic based powers also give him incredible power when kicking and striking his opponents. He developed a romantic relationship with Karen toward the end of the series.