Sokichi Banba, Big One
Full Name: Sokichi Banba
Ranger Designation: Big One
Weapon: Big Baton
Powers: Atomic, Magnetic, Electric and Gravity

Sokichi Banba is a flamboyant dandy playboy and master of disguise. He is the ISSIS officer who was called in to take over operations in Tokyo for Joker in Episode 23. He helped Joker implement the JAKQ project. He is himself a cyborg and is in fact considered the ultimate "super cyborg" for his bionic implants allowed him to harness and manipulate all four cosmic powers (atomic, magnetic, electric and gravity). His nickname was 'Shiroi Chojin' (The White Superman). He can direct his powers to perform a variety of incredible feats including flying, superhuman strength and super speed. Banba wields the Big Baton, a fighting stick, which he can use to strike and hit opponents with great impact. He is a cool-headed leader and masterful tactician who can come up with the most brilliant of battle plans to defeat Crime's cyborgs. Is unique in that he can transform at will without the use of the Kyouka Capsules and instead takes a sniff out of a magic red rose. He loads the Big Bomber cannon assembled by rest of the team.

Twenty-four years after the fall of Crime, he returned in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai' as the leader of the Dream Sentai team. He usually does not shout a 'henshin' phrase, but did shout "Big One!". He also used an attack called the Big Finish, which is a spectrum slash with the Big Baton.