Ryu Higashi, Dia Jack
Full Name: Ryu Higashi
Ranger Designation: Dia Jack
Weapons: Electrisword, Eleki Cutter, Dia Sword, Dia Laser
Power: Electric Currents
Vehicles: Mach Dia, Sky Ace

Powered by electricity. Ryu is formerly a Junior Welter Weight Boxing Champion of Japan with many successive wins and was framed for murder by greedy boxing promoters in Las Vegas when he refused to rig a Championship fight. He was intercepted by Joker when he was being extradited to Japan for prosecution. Joker offered him the choice of working for ISSIS as part of JAKQ or serving his prison sentence. Higashi reluctantly accepted Joker's offer albeit with reservations. Higashi is a rough and gruff individual who is at times very head strong. Being bit of a loner, he prefers to work alone but he does continue to keep in touch with his former boxing partners. His bionic enhancements allowed him to manipulate electric currents. From his right second finger he is able to pull out his Eleki Cutter (Electric Cutter) which he can use to slice through dense objects. He is able to pull out his Dia Laser from his left ring finger, which can fire a laser beam that can shear through most materials. As Dia Jack, Higashi wields the powerful Dia Sword which he can imbue with his electrical powers to strike with deadly effect. The sword can slash and cut through solid steel and other dense metals. It can also be used to focus and fire electrical bolts of energy. Higashi also fond of fast cars and jazz music.