Hikoma Kusakabe
He is the mentor of the team as well as Takeru's guardian and chief family servant. When the Gedoushu arrived, Hikoma sent four messages via arrow to Takeru's vassals to become Shinkenger. The others call him "Jii," which means 'old man' or 'samurai.'

The servants of the Shiba clan who arrange and display covers around when the Shinkenger transform. They do not directly interact in battle and are often doing chores when the team is not fighting. They are not addrssed by their names and their faces are never seen. The Kuroko are black clothed stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre.

Sakutaro Komatsu
Sakutaro Komatsu was a kuroko who had previously served Takeru's father, but after the previous head of the Shiba House died, Sakutaro lost his will to continue as a servant of the Shiba House and took a life of a fisherman. However, meeting Ryunosuke opens Sakutaro's eyes to the reason why he had served the Shiba House. He assists Ryunosuke in obtaining the Kajiki Origami. He later secretly resumes his duty as a kuroko. He later helps Ryunosuke through his own crisis of confidence, and gives Kaoru a larger fan with which she can hit Tanba with. He shows his face in Episode 7 and 47.

Richard Brown
Richard Brown is a foreigner who comes to idolize the Shinkengers after he is cured of the Yamiororo Poison in Ep. 7 but appears in Ep. 14. He asks Ryunosuke to become his pupil in the ways of bushido. Although Ryunosuke tries to deter Mr. Brown from becoming a samurai, his attempts fail and Ryunosuke is nearly killed after rescuing Mr. Brown from a failed attack on Hachouchin. After Ryunosuke recovers and Mr. Brown reminds the other Shinkengers of the spirit of being a samurai, they defeat Hachouchin and Mr. Brown returns to his homeland to teach bushido to others.

Tsukasa Kadoya
Tsukasa Kadoya is Kamen Rider Decade, who travels from dimension to dimension in oder to stop the merging of all the Rider Worlds. He suddenly appears in the Shiba House as a kuroko in Episode 21, revealing himself to be Kamen Rider Decade when the Ayakashi Chinomanako stole the Diend Driver and became a Kamen Rider. Tsukasa's rival Daiki stole the Ika Origami and Tsukasa has Daiki return it when the Shinkenger are able to get the Diend Driver back.

Natsumi Hikari
Tsukasa Kadoya's traveling partner, she lives in the Hikari Studio with her grandfather. Natsumi briefly appears in Episode 21 during the giant robo battle when she goes out of her house, spots the Tenku Shinkenoh thinking Tsukasa is there.

Eijiro Hikari
He runs the Hikari Photo Studio. Jii comes to the building, think it is his doctor's. Eijiro brings Jii into their business/house, thinking he can help him anyway.

Hiro Sakakibara
Hie is a young boy who has the ability to produce Modikara that attracts wild Origami. Because he is of the Sakakibara clan, Hiro is entrusted with guarding the sealed Ushi Origami. Despite this, he attempts to produce a Secret Disk to control Ushi Origami, something his father attempted in vain but died as a result. Appears in Episode 32 and 33.

Toji Sakakibara
He is Hiro's grandfather. He blames the Ushi Origami for causing a landslide that resulted in the deaths of his son and daughter-in-law, so he has produced a Secret Disk labeled with the kanji for "break"that is designed to destroy it. He also blames himself because he inspired his son to try to develop a Secret Disk that would control the rogue Origami. Appears in Episode 32 and 33.

Toshizo Tanba
Toshizo Tanba is Kaoru's retainer. He is arrogant and fiercely loyal to Kaoru, he is highly scornful of Takeru and, by extension, Hikoma, and demands that the Shinkenger follow Kaoru without question. Tanba often speaks candidly without thinking, which annoys Kaoru and causes her to hit him on the head with a fan.