Tsukasa Myoujin, Patren 3gou
Full Name: Tsukasa Myoujin
Ranger Designation: Patren 3gou

A candid, caring policewoman and Keiichiro's classmate from police school who aspired to become an officer like her grandfather and uses Trigger Machine 3gou to transform into the pink-colored Patren 3gou. As the most calm and collected member of the Patrangers, she is often forced to temper her teammates' personalities. Unlike Keiichiro and Sakuya, she is indifferent towards the Lupinrangers, as she is more focused on their origins and equipment. Despite her serious demeanor, she secretly has an obsession for plush toys and a fondness for adorable children. After learning the Lupinrangers' identities, she developed a desire to help them rather than arrest them.