Keiichiro Asaka, Patren 1gou
Full Name: Keiichiro Asaka
Ranger Designation: Patren 1gou

A hot-blooded, serious police officer and leader of the Patrangers who uses Trigger Machine 1gou to transform into the red-colored Patren 1gou. He puts his duties as a police officer first in pursuing Gangler members and protecting civilians. While he has a positive view on how the Lupin Collection could be used for good, he initially expressed disdain towards the Lupinrangers before learning of Lupin Red's motives and realizing the group is more than they appeared. As Keiichiro grew up with a kind and loving family, he did not know suffering until he met Kairi. After learning of his past and how his brother became one of Zamigo's victims, Keiichiro understands what it means to suffer.